MiTubo comes to macOS

I just released MiTubo 1.2. New in this version:

  • As suggested by alphas12 in the comments, I added the author name in the YouTube search results.
  • In the same results list, there's now a clickable link to the channel, which makes it easier to subscribe to it.
  • Improve layout of some pages on narrow displays (though there's still much to be done!).
  • Skip invoking youtube-dl if the video information is already encoded in the page HEAD meta properties.
  • Remember the preferred playback resolution; this can be helpful on low bandwith connections.
  • First macOS release!

While bringing in the macOS version, I updated the QScreenSaver library to support inhibiting the screensaver on macOS too.

I also tested the AppImage on openSUSE, and it seems to work fine there too. So, fewer and fewer people have valid excuses not to try out MiTubo!


There's also webmention support.