MiTubo 1.1: screensaver inhibitor

Looks like I'm posting a bit too often about MiTubo, but don't worry, I'll soon find something else to write about.

Version 1.1 is now released, bringing you:

  • A screensaver inhibitor, at last!
  • AppImage now works in Arch and Manjaro

More in detail, this means that your computer won't go to sleep or start the screen saver while you are watching a video. To achieve this, I wrote a portable (well, for the time being it only supports Linux and Windows, but macOS support will eventually arrive too) library for inhibiting the screensaver: QScreenSaver. It lives in its own repository, and it's written in a way that should be easy to integrate with your own project. You are welcome to try it out (and add support for cmake/qmake/meson/…).

The AppImage support has been improved after a user filed a bug about MiTubo not working in Arch; I myself could not verify the issue as I've grown too lazy to install a distribution like Arch, but I did it on Manjaro (which is also based on Arch), and indeed the MiTubo AppImage contained some unnecessary libraries (while missing some others) that rendered it non-functional in those distributions. Now it's all fixed, so there's a good chance that the AppImage will work on your distribution, too.


There's also webmention support.