WIP: changing the backend for contacts in Ubports

More than one year has passed since the initial announcement of my plan to investigate using a different backend for contact storage. If you want to get a better understanding of the plan, that mail is still a good read -- not much has changed since them, planning wise.

The reason for this blog post is to give a small update on what has happened since then, and as a start nothing can be better than a couple of screenshots:

Adding CardDAV accounts in the Addressbook application
Aggregated contact details from multiple sources

In other words, that means that contact synchonisation works, both with the new CardDAV protocol (for which we'll have preconfigured setups for NextCloud and OwnCloud accounts) and with Google Contacts, for which we are now using a different engine. What you see in the second screenshot (although indeed it's not obvious at all) is that the new qtcontacts-sqlite backend performs automatic contact merging based on some simple heuristics, meaning that when synchonising the same contact from multiple sources you should not happen to find a multitude of semi-identical copies of the contact, but a single one having all the aggregated details.

Before you get too excited, I have to say that this code is pre-alpha quality and that it's not even available for testing yet. The next step is indeed to setup CI so that the packaggqes get automatically built and published to a public repository, at which point I'll probably issue another update here in my blog.

The boring stuff

And now some detail for those who might wonder why this feature is not ready yet, or would like to get an idea on the time-frame for its completion.

Apart from a chronical lack of time from my part, the feature complexity is due to the large number of components involved:

  • qtcontacts-sqlite: the QtContacts backend we are migrating to. This is a backend for the QtContacts API (used by our Addressbook application) which uses a SQLite database as storage for your contacts.
  • buteo-sync-plugin-carddav: the CardDAV plugin for Buteo (our synchronisation manager). This plugin is loaded by Buteo and synchronises the contacts between a CardDAV remote source and the qtcontacts-sqlite database.
  • buteo-sync-plugins-social: a Buteo plugin which can synchronise contacts from a multitude of sources, including Google, Facebook and Vk. At the moment we only care about Google, but once this feature has landed we can easily extend it to work with the other two as well.
  • address-book-app: this is our well-known Contacts application. It needs some minor changes to adapt to the qtcontacts-sqlite backend and to support the creation of new CardDAV, NextCloud and OwnCloud accounts.
  • QtPim: the contacts and calendar API developed by the Qt project. Our Contacts application is using the front-end side of this API, and the qtcontacts-sqlite component implements the backend side. There are some improvements proposed by Jolla, which we need to include in order to support grouping contacts by their initials.

The other tricky aspect is that the first three projects are maintained by Jolla as part of the Sailfish OS, and while on one side this means that we can share the development and maintenance burden with Jolla, on the other side of the coin it means that we need to apply extra care when submitting changes, in order not to step on each other's shoes. Specifically, Sailfish OS is using a much older version of QtPim than Ubports is, and the APIs between the two versions have changes in an incompatible version, so that it's nearly impossible to have a single code base working with both versions of QtPim. Luckily git supports branches, and Chris from Jolla was kind enough to create a branch for us in their upstream repository where I've proposed our changes (and they are a lot!).

However, this is not as bad as it sounds, and the fact that I have a roughly working version on my development device is a good sign that things are moving forwards.


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