MiTubo 1.3: sorting of QML ListView via Drag&Drop

One feature that I've been asked to add to MiTubo, and that indeed becomes more and more important as the number of subscriptions increases, is the ability to group subscriptions into folders. I've spent a good amount of time implementing the needed support in the C++ backend, which is now able to handle nested folders too, but given that building the UI parts was not a quick task and seeing how much time has passed since the last release, I thought of releasing a partial implementation of the whole feature, consisting only of the ability to manually sort the subscriptions via drag&drop (that, is no folder support). It turns out this is already not a trivial work!

I found a nice tutorial on ListView DnD sorting by the great Aurélien Gâteau which I found very inspiring, and while I didn't actually reuse the same code (mostly because I was already halfway through with my implementation, which I started before finding his tutorial), it was helpful to have it as a reference. I added a few animations to make it look more pleasant, and I'm rather satisfied with the result:

I'm not showing you the code yet (though, indeed, you can find it in the DraggableListView and DraggableDelegate items in the source repository) because it's not yet in a shape where it's generally reusable in other projects, but if I happen to need the same feature elsewhere I'll eventually try to turn it into a couple fully reusable components.

Anyway, here's what's new in this latest MiTubo release:

  • Subscriptions can be sorted by means of Drag&drop
  • For systems with python 3.5 or older (such as Ubuntu Touch), use the daily builds of youtube-dl instead of the official releases
  • Implement PeerTube search (this should reserve a post of its own!)

You can get it at the usual place. This time there are only Linux and Windows builds as I'm a bit lazy to make a macOS version, but should you need it, don't hesitate to ask!


There's also webmention support.