MiTubo 0.8: search, channels, watch later queue

It has been a while since I last posted about MiTubo, despite releasing a few new versions in the last months. But now I think that there is enough new stuff that's worth a mention here.

Search on YouTube

Initially MiTubo only came with a search feature that was using Yandex video as a backend; while that worked generally well, most of the returned results were not playable due to youtube-dl being unable to extract the video information from the returned web pages. So, now we have the option to search on YouTube, via the Invidious API; furthermore, it's also possible to search for channels, whose RSS feed can then be added as a subscription.

One other thing that has always bothered me is not being able to enqueue a new video while watching another one, without having to pause the current one, go back to the main page, add the new video to a playlist, go back to the current video, and finally, once that is over, open the playlist and start the new video.

Drag and drop a new URL while watching a video

So now we have that. One can drag and drop an URL (or even a longer text containing several URLs) while watching another video, and a popup will appear with a few choices (see the screenshot above). I've also added a “Next” button next to the “Play” one, which is enabled if the “Watch later” playlist is not empty, and does the obvious thing when pressed. Once started, the new video is automatically removed from the “Watch later” playlist and moved into the “Continue watching” list, where it will remain until it's being watched till the end, which will cause it to part that list and be added to the watch history.

To be fair, I haven't being testing this extensively, and this last one is a feature I've developed just in a few hours during this weekend, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are serious bugs in it. But hey, that's part of the adrenaline which comes with hobby projects, I guess.


There's also webmention support.