QtQuick.Controls 2 for the desktop

The QML module QtQuick.Controls 2 offers a set of very performant UI components, perfect for mobile and embedded devices, without renouncing to an attractive appearance. They can also be used to develop beautiful desktop applications, indeed, if you don't mind them not having a native desktop look.

However, for those of you who actually mind, and would rather deliver an application with a seamless desktop look, this project might be of interest: with the qqc2-desktop (codename for this project) I try to replicate a pixel-perfect desktop experience, using the existing QStyle API used by QtWidget.

A button generated by the QML QQC2 desktop style
A traditional QPushButton
The difference (enhanced in Gimp, or you wouldn't see a thing)

Current status

qqc2-desktop is still a work in progress. While it should already work, we are still far from the native look that I'd like to achieve. On the other hand, the API has already been defined by the Qt guys with the QtQuick.Controls project, and I'm not going to deviate for it (save, maybe, for some additions). That means that if the current state of qqc2-desktop is already satisfying for you, you could already use it: things can only get better. :-)


  • Pixel-perfect similarity with QtWidgets
  • Unit test suite especially focused on visual conformance


qqc2-desktop is licensed under the LGPL 3.0 license.


You can read more about the project history and goals here; more news about this project will appear under this tag, and indeed you are welcome to follow or participate to the development.