Need a fast way to tag faces in many images? Try Imaginario!

Today I've released Imaginario 0.9. The big feature coming with this new release is a face tagging flow which I believe will be the fastest and simplest you've ever used, despite it being all manual. I even sat down and spent some quality time with Blender to prepare a video to show it off:

While some people might actually think that I spent more time for making the video than for implementing the face tagging feature itself, this couldn't be farther from the truth: the face tagging branch has been being worked on for at least three months (of course, that's my spare time — so it's actually less than one hour per day) and consisted of more than 40 commits (after squashing all the fixups), whereas for the video I spent no more than a couple of hours.

I would appreciate if the curious could go and try it out, and let me know about any issues you should find: there are built packages for Linux (AppImage), macOS and Windows. I do also have an Ubuntu PPA where nightly images are built, but I'm not sure if I can recommend that one, since I've not been using it myself and have no idea whether those packages actually even start. But you are welcome to try :-)

Your feedback will help me do better, so please don't be shy!


There's also webmention support.