Back to Maemo!

New year, new job. After leaving Canonical I'm back to working on the same software platform on which I started working back in 2006: Maemo. Well, not exactly the vanilla Maemo, but rather its evolution known as Aurora OS, which is based on Sailfish OS. This means I'm actually back to fixing the very same bugs I introduced back then when I was working in Nokia, since a lot of the middleware has remained the same.

At the moment OMP (the company developing Aurora OS) is mostly (or even exclusively, AFAIK) targeting business customers, meaning corporations such as the Russian posts and the railway company, whereas the consumer market is seen as something in the far away future. Just in case you were curious whether there were any devices on sale with Aurora OS.

I should also explain why I've refused several very well paying job opportunities from Western companies: it's actually for a reason that has been bothering me since last March, and it's a very simple one. The fact is that because of the sanctions against Russia I already had to change bank once (as the one I was using fell under sanctions), and in these months I've always been working with the fear of not being able to receive my salary, since new sanctions are introduced every month and more and more banks are being added to the blacklist. That's why I've restricted my job search to companies having an official presence in Russia; and to my surprise (and from some point of view, I could even say disappointment) the selection and hiring processes were so quick that I received three concrete offers while I was still working my last weeks at Canonical, and I joined OMP on that very Monday after my last Friday at Canonical.

I mean, I could have rested a bit, at least until the Christmas holidays, but no. ☺ Anyway, I'm so far very happy with my new job, and speaking Russian at work is something totally new for me, both challenging and rewarding at the same time.


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