MiTubo 1.4 adds feed folders

Exactly one month has passed since the previous release, just the right time needed to complete the feafure I've been working on since several weeks and to fix a few bugfixes introduced with the previous release. So it's time a new release of MiTubo:

I realized that I'm not that good at making release videos, but the point of the video above is to show that you can organize your feeds into folders. When clicking on a folder, a page opens with the folder's contents; but you can also directly click on a feed, as long as its preview is visible in the folder's delegate, and then the feeds open directly. This means that if you organize the feeds inside your folders so that the favourite ones are at the top, they'll also be visible in the folder preview and you'll be able to jump to them in just one click.

Maybe I'm not that good with textual explanations either, so why don't you check it out for yourself? ☺ Get it at (builds for Linux, Ubuntu Touch, Windows and macOS are available)!


There's also webmention support.