MiTubo 1.0: playlist support, new “website”

Some news from the MiTubo world:

  • Version 1.0 has been released!
  • It's also available for Windows (boo!)
  • Some basic support for remote playlists
  • New “Check for updates” dialog
  • Added support for translations
  • Added Italian translation, of course
  • Minor cosmetic changes (like using a different unicode symbol for the “Back” button)
  • New web page for MiTubo

Expanding a bit on the points above, the first thing worth saying is that the choice of releasing this version as “1.0” does not mean that it's more stable than the previous ones; it just means that I'm rather satisfied with the feature set, and that I believe that the program is ready for more widespread use.

This is also the reason why I decided to prepare a web page for it: I didn't go for a completely separate website, unlike what I previously did for Mappero Geotagger, PhotoTeleport and Imaginario (which reminds me that I haven't been working on the latter for a long time! I should try to correct this soon!), both because this way it's simpler to publish news about it (I'll continue doing that here, instead of cross-posting in two sites), and because having it in the same domain might be mutually beneficial for the SEO ranking of the blog and of MiTubo.

As for the Windows version, I want to thank once again the MXE project for their fantastic cross-compiling suite. I find it very cumbersome working in Windows, and being able to build my programs from Linux makes my life a lot easier (if you want to have more information about how this works with QBS, have a look at the previous MXE post). I wish there was something similar for macOS; and that's why the macOs version is going to take more time to arrive — on the other hand, I haven't received any requests for it, so I'm not in a hurry to work on that.

Last but not least, translation support means that if you want to help with translations, now you can. I've myself tried QtLinguist for the first time to write the Italian translation, and I found it to be an extremely effective tool, once you learn the key bindings by heart.


There's also webmention support.