Looking for Qt support? Get in touch!

Following The Qt Company's decision to withdraw support for the Russian market, KDAB's geolocation block of its website and Upwork stopping its operations in Russia, there's a likely need of Qt support in the country.

As a developer living in Russia and loving Qt (I spend a considerable amount of my free time on Qt-based projects), I would find it very unfortunate if some companies decided to switch to other technologies just for the lack of support.

That's why, with this post, I want to advertise my willingness to help companies deliver their Qt-based projects.

I need to be honest and admit that I do have a fantastic full-time job and that's unlikely that I will be able to dedicate more than 10-15 hours per week on this effort, but even this small amount of time has been so far enough to drive several projects (here's a few examples); and what's more important, I might be able to get more coding help.

I do have a history of contributions to the Qt project starting from 2012, developed for the biggest part in my spare time.

Get in touch!

Whether you are a company or a Qt expert with some free time to spare and you'd like to work with me, you are very welcome to drop me a line. We can try to find a solution for those companies who need Qt support, and create a network of professionals who can commit to do some Qt work.

(While I mentioned Russia above, this idea is not limited to Russian companies or developers in any way! Everybody is welcome, and I promise we'll stay politics-free.)


There's also webmention support.