YI Livestream with Ubports devices

In the last few days I've been developing a simple application, running on Ubports devices, to setup livestreams on the YI 4K and 4K+ action cameras. These cameras have a WiFi interface and are capable to do live streaming using the rtmp protocol; however, there is no way to setup livestreams by using the camera's own user interface: instead, one has to scan a QR code, containing all the necessary parameters (including WiFi SSID and password, and the rtmp server address). And the problem is, that the companion application which YI provides for generating this QR code is only available for Android and iOS.

That's why, if you have a phone running Ubports and own a YI action camera, you might find use in the application I wrote:

If you do, please feel welcome to get it from the Ubports application store, and report bugs (or wishes) in the issue tracker.


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