Italian state television on the war in Ukraine - Le television statal italian super le guerra in Ucraina

This reportage on the war in Ukraine was aired on Italian state television (RAI) on June 13th, 2016, in the 20:30 edition of the news report (TG2).
It has a tone a bit too melodramatic for my taste, and gives debated numbers (such as the 1.5 millions refugees to Russia) as an uncontested truth; but still, it's the best and least biased reportage I've seen on Italian TV about the situation in eastern Ukraine.

Iste reportage super le guerra in Ucraina esseva transmittite in le television statal Italian (RAI) le 13 junio 2016 in le edition del horas 20:30 del notitiario (TG2).
Illo ha un tono un poco troppo melodramatic pro mi gustos, e illo presenta datos que es subjectos de debattimento (como le 1,5 milliones de refugiatos a Russia) como veritate absolute; nonostante isto, illo es le reportage melior e le plus objective que io ha vidite sur le TV italian super le situation in le Ucraina oriental.


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