An always new wallpaper for your N900

With the 0.9 version of oculo, your N900 homescreen gets one level up: beautiful wallpapers that will never be the same. Well, whether they are beautiful really depends on you: you decide what tiny part of the World Wide Web should be rendered in there!

Of course you are not forced to have Oculo manage your wallpapers. :-) Oculo can still render the web content into a homescreen widget, and you can run multiple instances of it, in different modes. Also, you can have Oculo render only some of your homescreen views, while keeping the rest static.

Version 0.9 of Oculo is in the extras-testing repository, and you can directly download it from here. Be warned that I just tested the widget for a couple of minutes, so anything bad can happen. :-)


There's also webmention support.