Just a few steps to get the job done

How many photo shareing websites do you use? Especially if you are a photographer, it's very likely that samples of your portfolio can be found in two or more sites like Flickr, Facebook, Google Photos, 500px, etc. The easier it is to stumble upon your photos, all the better for your popularity (and business!).

PhotoTeleport is a photo uploader supporting simultaneous uploads to multiple services. But it doesn't limit itself to upload bare picture files: each photo is accompanied by its caption, description and tags (according to each site's capabilities) in order to maximize its discoverability.


  • Support many photo sharing services: DeviantArt, Facebook, Flickr, Google Photos, VK, etc. (see here for an updated list)
  • Album selection, or creation of a new album (if the service supports it)
  • Fast editor for captions, descriptions and tags
  • Possibility to specify different captions, descriptions and tags for each website
  • Read metadata embedded in the image files
  • On upload completion, provide a link to the newly uploaded files for additional editing or sharing

This is just a beta version, but more features are planned, including:

  • Ability to save and restore session
  • Watermark support
  • Image scaling
  • Support for more plugins (500px, Imgur, Smugsmug, Shutterstock, Photobucket, Pinterest and more)
  • Support for uploading to a custom (S)FTP server

Learn more

To learn more about PhotoTeleport, as well as to keep up to date with its development and releases, please visit Phototeleport's website, read its blog and subscribe to the Atom/RSS feed.