Nove adresse / New address

Io ha movite le blog a un nove adresse: Si vos ha mi sito in vostre lista de sitos preferite, vole ben actualisar le adresse.

Isto essera le ultime message in

In ultra, io ha decidite de scriber plus frequentemente super cosas computatorial, e io va facer lo in lingua anglese (le ration del selection del lingua es que iste articulos technic pote esser includite in altere sitos plus grande, que totevia permitte le usage del sol lingua anglese). Si vos crede que vos essera enoiate per iste articulos, que pote esser in numero multo major que mi articulos in interlingua, alora usa iste adresse:

I moved my blog to a new address: If you have my website in your bookmarks, please update the bookmark to this new address.

This will be the last message in

In addition, I decided to increase the number of posts about information technology, and I'm going to write them mostly in English (the reason why I chose English is because I might submit these posts to some feed aggregators, and in most cases no languages other than English are allowed). If you only care about this technical stuff, or are interlingua impaired, bookmark this address: (RSS feed is at


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